Watch Mika Get Verklempt Over Obama Impeachment Talk

Bartender—send a double Wyborowa with a Zoloft chaser to the nice lady at the end of the table.  But seriously, relax, Mika.  Four months before an election in which they are poised to triumph, congressional Republicans are not about to muddy the waters by trying to impeach President Obama.

But on today's Morning Joe, that reality did not prevent Mika Brzezinski from getting verklempt and asking for time to compose herself before introducing a segment on impeachment talk from Sarah Palin and Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst.  View the amusing video after the jump.

Watch poor Mika finding the impeachment talk very scary.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Now we have this, given all that we're talking about here, renewed talk of -- I'm going to read this straight.

MIKE BARNICLE: Ughh. You really are?

BRZEZINSKI: I am. Hold on. Just give me a second.

BARNICLE: Want me to hold your hand while you do it?

BRZEZINSKI: There's renewed talk of the president's impeachment  . . . So I want to highlight something. I'm not laughing. This scares me actually. It's disturbing. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be -- that whole sound bite that we just played and the impact I know it has really scares me.

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