To Celebrate Independence Day, Good Morning America Features 'Talk Dirty' Rapper Derulo

So how did Good Morning America open its Fourth of July show today?  Fighter-jet flyover?  Small-town Independence Day parade? Inspiring video of America's beauty from sea to shining sea?  Guess again.  GMA featured rapper Jason Derulo [I never heard of him either], jet skiing past the Statue of Liberty.

And which song did GMA place at the top of the list when it displayed a smartphone with Derulo's hits? Why, "Talk Dirty" [mistakenly entitled "Talking Dirty" by GMA].  A song so foul and misogynistic we couldn't possibly display the lyrics, but you can read them here if you like. View the video after the jump.

Derulo will be headlining GMA's Fourth of July "Party in the Park."  The screen graphic beneath the smartphone photo read "Fourth of July Bash."  Indeed.

Note: well into its second hour, GMA did do a segment on a patriotic parade in Philly.  But you only get one chance to make a bad first impression.







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