Mika a One-Woman Walking Commercial For Moribund 'Meet The Press'

How bad are things for Meet The Press?  The once-dominant Sunday show has fallen into a distant third place. And now Mika Brzezinski has resorted to an embarrassing attempt to revive her network's failing patient.

On today's Morning Joe, Mika managed to mention Meet The Press by name no fewer than eight times in one segment. Her argument was that MTP is the go-to place for politicians wanting to make news, and that Chris Christie had blown it by not appearing yesterday, sending two surrogates instead.  View the video after the jump.

Mika's promotional efforts were pitifully transparent. Odds that they will have any impact on viewers, or on politicians deciding on a Sunday place to go?  

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Can we cue up the scene from "Send in the Clowns?"

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well actually we'll go to Meet the Press. It's the same thing. I'm sorry, but Meet the Press is like the cornerstone of this network. When you're a politician, you go to Meet the Press to face the cameras. So show me, John Tower, who Chris Christie--I'm sure Chris Christie went on Meet the Press, because that's where you go . . . I think he's actually, his last best hope, so you'd think he would choose to go on the, as I said earlier, the cornerstone of this network. When you're a politician, I said this earlier.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, you did.

BRZEZINSKI: You go on Meet the Press on a Sunday morning and you make news. And you face the cameras. Because that is what happens on Meet the Press . . . So as I was saying before, do you know what Chris Christie did? He didn't show up on Meet the Press.  Take a look at who showed up on Meet the Press, who they put out.

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