Mika Demands: Stick To Christie Bridge Scandal, No Obama/IRS-Benghazi 'Distractions'

We got ourselves a good Republican scandal here, and we're sticking with it.  No distractions about President Obama and his culpability in the IRS and Benghazi matters. Capiche?

That was Mika Brezinski's message on Morning Joe today. When Mark Halperin mentioned that President Obama has never subjected himself to the kind of intense media grilling on Benghazi and the IRS that Chris Christie underwent on the bridge scandal during his 109-minute press conference, Mika laid down the law. Bringing up Benghazi and the IRS is "flailing for some sort of distraction.  It's Chris Christie.  It's New Jersey. Stick to that story," she ordered. The MSM at large will be only to happy to comply. View the video after the jump.

Watch Mika work to focus the MSM like a laser beam on a Republican scandal.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That's, I think, a terrible parallel. This is Chris Christie's problem and there is no parallel to President Obama here . . . Christie is the Governor of New Jersey, and President Obama: to bring up Benghazi and the IRS is like flailing for some sort of distraction.

MARK HALPERIN: That is true also.

BRZEZINSKI: I mean, c'mon.  It's Chris Christie, it's New Jersey. Stick to that story, which is fascinating!

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