Schultz Declares 'Four Pillars Of American Life': Health Care, Jobs, Education, Equality

The Declaration of Independence? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Meh. That's so, like, 18th century.  No, Ed Schultz has come out with a new declaration of what he calls the Four Pillars of American Life: health care, jobs, education and equality.

Schultz promulgated his manifesto on the year-in-review episode of his MSNBC show today. View the video after the jump.

See, in Schultz's liberal MSNBC world, it's not about what you, in exercise of your liberty, choose to do for yourself and others.  No, it's really about what government should provide. Of course, the bills will come due, so it will also be about your ability to pay up.  To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities, anyone?

Note: readers will recognize that Schultz's mention of the weekend, 8 o'clock and 5 o'clock was a wry reference to the way his show was bounced around in the MSNBC schedule this year.  He started in primetime at 8 PM, then got exiled to weekend afternoons, only to be recalled to duty on weeknights at 5.


ED SCHULTZ: thanks for joining us. It has been an interesting year here the Ed Show. What time is it?  Is it the weekend? Is it eight o'clock? No it's 5:00, son of a gun, how about that, good to be here. Some things have not changed. I have never stopped and our team has never stopped fighting for the issues that impact you and your family. Every day when our team comes to work and puts this broadcast together we think about what we call the Four Pillars of American Life: health care, jobs, education and equality. This is what the Ed Show has always been about here at MSNBC, the working men and women of American, and how these Four Pillars affect you and your family. 

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