Nicolle Wallace Bashes Congressional Republicans—They Can't Speak English

If only "Republican" Nicolle Wallace would be as critical of Democrats as she is of members of her own putative party . . . On today's Morning Joe, Wallace—adviser to Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign—decided that in order to praise Republican governors, she had to pound Republicans in Congress.

Wallace took her shot at congressional Republicans in the course of discussing Chris Christie ascension as head of the Republican Governors Association.  Wallace praised Republican governors as "our stars . . . the people that can speak English." In contrast, according to Nicolle, "you go to Washington and somehow Republicans are speaking another language." View the video after the jump.

In recent times, Ted Cruz has been Wallace's #1 target. Is Wallace claiming that Cruz, the guy who was a national debate champion, who argued nine times before the Supreme Court, can't speak English? Really?  

Question for readers: on whose campaign would Nicolle Wallace be more comfortable working:  Hillary’s, or those of most of the Republicans who will be seeking the 2016 nomination?

HAROLD FORD, JR.: Clearly, the Republican Governors Association needs some substance and a message for teh [inaudible] come next year.

NICOLLE WALLACE: And it's the crowning jewel in the Republican family right now, are our Republican governors. stars. They're our stars. Those are our messengers. Those are the people that can speak . . .  um, English. You go to Washington and somehow Republicans are speaking another language. So [Christie] is also in charge of preserving our most valuable asset.  So it's a very important job.

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