Mika Bemoans Continuing Coverage Of Mayor Ford . . . After Devoting Two Segments To Him

Was someone holding Mika Brzezinski's shoe collection hostage?  Because something obviously forced the Morning Joe host, against her will, to devote two lengthy segments today, totalling more than 2.5 minutes, to the story of scandal-ridden Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

With Joe Scarborough away, Mika was in charge. After airing the second long segment she complained "I can't believe he's still in the news.  It doesn't make sense."  Hmm.  Kind of reminds me of another liberal complaining about what was done on his own watch.  View the video after the jump.

Watch the video and consider Mika's total lack of self-awareness.

The first segment, lasting 44 seconds, focused on the cancellation of Ford's TV show after just one episode.  Mika weighed in with a couple of comments.  Later, the show's second hour began with another segment on Ford, this time replaying Jimmy Kimmel's shtick.  Over a minute-and-a-half later, Mika kvetched: "I can't believe he's still in the news.  It doesn't make sense." Hello?

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