Sorry, Media: Axelrod Admits GOP In Solid Shape For 2014

Amidst all the blather about Republicans going over the cliff and taking the world with them, a tantalizing bit of truth broke through on today's Morning Joe. Doomsaying notwithstanding, the GOP is actually positioned to do OK in 2014.

Making the comment particularly surprising was its source: none other than Barack Obama's former senior adviser himself—David Axelrod.  View the video after the jump.

Axelrod asserted that Republicans would not win the White House in 2016 if they think like Florida Republican Congressman Ted Yoho, who has argued that a refusal to raise the debt limit could have positive results.  But in the meantime, conceded Alexrod: "structurally, they're set up OK for 2014."  Translation: sorry, media.

DAVID AXELROD: The most frightening moment yesterday was Congressman Yoho from Joe's state, when he said in an interview that he thought that all this talk about catastrophe if we go over the cliff was media hype. And if that kind of thinking prevails, then we're going to have really big problems. In terms of 2016 as Mike mentioned, though, the real question for the Republican party is—I think that structurally, they're set up okay for 2014. We'll see how this impacts it. In 2016 the question is whether the Yohos of the world control the nominating process. If they do, you're not going to win a national election.

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