Scarborough Slags Off Conservative Bloggers: Cellar Dwellers In PJs Write 'Really Stupid Things About Me'

August 7th, 2013 8:59 AM

Joe Scarborough has yet again scaled his soap box to mock those of us in the conservative blogosphere.  He described us today as a bunch of "very stupid people" living in their mama's basement who write "really stupid things" about him.

The thin-skinned Scarborough has often derided his show's critics as Cheetos-chewing cellar-dwellers.  He was at it again this morning, depicting them as people who if not in mama's basement would otherwise be wandering the streets in their pajamas.  View the video after the jump.

Scarborough's ire this morning was aimed at Tea Party members and other conservatives calling for the defunding of ObamaCare.  Since the legislation has no chance of being signed into law by President Obama, Scarborough sees it as a stunt by senators such as Ted Cruz looking to raise funds along with their profiles. Scarborough cited Charles Krauthammer in support of his proposition.

Conservatives can argue the strategic merits of trying to defund ObamaCare. But for the egocentric Scarborough to focus his fire on the most passionate segment of the Republican and conservative movements is to put his own wounded pride over the greater interest.  Yes, Scarborough couches his criticisms in terms of wanting Republicans to win.  But one senses it's really more about attacking his critics.

For the record: I don't own a pair of pajamas.  I'm sitting here in a tatty white robe that my beloved wife would like to toss in the trash ;-)

Note: not sure that Willie Geist was particularly impressed by Scarborough's rant.  Have a look towards the end of the clip.  When Joe turns toward him to second his insults, the expression on the face of the ever-affable Geist seems somewhat dubious.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: I know there are a lot of really stupid people out on the internet and they've got to do something, right?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, they don't like your pants.

SCARBOROUGH: They're either wandering around in the street--they're going to get run over by cars--or they're in mama's basement. So I'd rather them be in mama's basement writing very stupid things about me in pajamas.

BRZEZINSKI:  Sometimes they're in pajamas.  That's the best, best-case scenario.

SCARBOROUGH: [inaudible], wearing pajamas, he's the king! But there are these other really stupid people. And, you don't want them in the street, do you Willie? They're going to get hit by cars. But I said yesterday, if their mama would let 'em use their cell phone, because they don't have a cell phone of their own, they could call these congressmen.