No Double Jeopardy? Scarborough Says Lack of Black Jurors Makes Zimmerman Verdict Subject to Appeal

June 24th, 2013 7:51 AM

Do the words "double jeopardy" ring a bell, Joe? In 2012, shortly after Trayvon Martin was killed, and when few facts were available, Joe Scarborough didn't hesitate to brand George Zimmerman a "murderer."

Scarborough's pro-prosecution bias was on display again on Morning Joe today, when he declared that the absence of African-Americans on the George Zimmerman jury would "immediately" make a verdict subject to appeal.  Really?  So if this jury were to acquit Zimmerman, the prosecution would have a valid basis to overturn the verdict on appeal?  Sure sounds like double jeopardy—but Scarborough never raised that concern. View the video after the jump.


I'm researching the legal issue involved and will report back.  In the meantime, watch and consider whether, as a Florida lawyer, Scarborough should have known better.

Note: Scarborough is really in trouble when, as here, he relies on Mike Barnicle for legal analysis!  Barnicle initially raises the possibility of appeal based on the lack of African-American jurors. Scarborough sees and raises, claiming the verdict would be subject to appeal "immediately."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You talked about the questions that are going to be raised. I mean, if you have a jury in a racially-charged case that doesn't have a single African-American on there, you're just setting yourself up for failure and recrimination, regardless.

MIKE BARNICLE: And appeal.

SCARBOROUGH: And appeal. Immediately! That's what so shocking to me about it.