Melissa Harris-Perry Admits: U.S. Military 'Despised By Many Progressives'

It's hardly a secret.  After all, in a letter to a senior officer, no less than a young Bill Clinton openly admitted that many of his cohort  "loath[ed] the military." Still, it's stunning to hear a modern-day liberal make a similar admission.

On her MSNBC show today, Melissa Harris-Perry stated that the U.S. military is "despised as an engine of war by many progressives."  View the video after the jump.

2013-01-26MSNBCMHPHarris-Perry.JPGMHP made her admission as a preface to observing that our military has also been "a leading institution in America's fight for racial equality." No doubt. But let's return to her notion that progressives despise the military as "an engine of war."  Well, yeah.  And when you need a war to be fought, you want your military to be the biggest, baddest engine around.  How can progressives fail to understand that?  In any case, thanks to MHP for revealing an inconvenient truth.

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