Who Knew? Sununu A Fluent Spanish Speaker

When this NewsBuster entered a Spanish-language press conference at the Republican National Convention this morning, he was surprised to find former New Hampshire Governor and Romney surrogate John Sununu at the podium . . . holding forth in fluent Spanish.

Interviewed after his remarks, Sununu told NewsBusters that he was born in Havana and that his mother was originally from El Salvador.  "As a boy, when I was bad, my mother would chew me out in Spanish. And since I was bad a lot, I learned a lot of Spanish!" Before saying goodbye, Sununu added "I love Brent Bozell!", President of NewsBusters's parent organization, Media Research Center. View a brief clip of Sununu speaking Spanish after the jump.

Note: in the video clip, Sununu was responding to a question about a statement Jeb Bush had made to the effect that the Republican party needs to do more to reach out to Latinos.  Sununu explained that between now and the election, a series of policies would be laid out, and that the very fact that the press conference was being held was proof that Romney understands Jeb's point.

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