Sharpton Suggests Romney's Rejection Of Bain-Bashing Makes Him . . . A Birther!

Why not just call Romney a racist and be done with it? In the most tortured twist of logic this blogger has seen so far during this campaign, Al Sharpton somehow managed to equate Mitt Romney's refusal to roll over and accept Barack Obama's attacks on Bain Capital with, yes, birtherism.

I know what you're thinking: what the . . . heck?  Don't ask me to explain how or why Sharpton came to his nonsensical suggestion.  Just sit back and watch the Reverend Al at work.  It was too much even for liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.  View the video after the jump.

I'll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime, ponder how in the ugly Obama campaign that lies ahead, absolutely anything will be grounds for squeals of "birtherism!"--or worse.

AL SHARPTON: The other thing is, that what is missing here, which is bothersome to me, is that they don't attack other Republicans who raise even more serious questions about Bain and his activity as anti-capitalist and anti-free enterprise--only the president.  Are they trying to send a subliminal anti-American message on the president, i.e., the birther strategy and other things they've done so far this year?

DANA MILBANK: Well certainly, Reverend, there's been a pattern of them doing this sort of thing.  In fairness, there was a little bit of pushback during the primaries when they said, look guys, Republicans were saying to fellow Republicans, you're going to regret what you're doing right now in terms of suggesting this was an anti-capitalist line, so they did sort of lay that predicate out there right now.    

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