Chuck Todd: Republicans 'Overreacting' To Obama's Osama Football Spike

Classic MSM jujitsu. Chuck Todd has attempted to turn the issue of President Obama's unseemly spiking of the football on the anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, into an attack on Republicans for reacting to Obama's politicization of the event.

On his MSNBC show The Daily Rundown, Todd began his discussion of the matter this morning by asking the Washington Post's Dan Balz whether he was surprised by how "aggressive" the Romney campaign has been on the matter.  A bit later Todd suggested to Clarence Page that Republicans were "overreacting" to Obama's boasts.  Right.  Romney should run a passive campaign, like, say John McCain did! Good-loser Republicans: yeah, that's the MSM ticket!  Video after the jump.

Watch Todd turn things on their head.  Notice also how he expresses his personal opinion, saying that Republicans are "over-", then tries to catch himself and turn his viewpoint into a question.  Interestingly, on Morning Joe today, Mark Halperin acknowledged that the MSM would have hammered a Republican president trying to take a victory lap similar to the one Obama is currently on.

CHUCK TODD: It's foreign-policy week. It's going to be whether the Romney campaign wants it or not, Dan Balz, because of the Bin Laden anniversary.  Are you surprised by the aggressive nature that the Romney surrogates are going after, saying that the president is politicizing Bin Laden too much?

DAN BALZ: I'm a little bit surprised about it, but given the nature with which the Obama campaign has put this out front-and-center, the degree to which they are making it a hallmark of what he's done, in a political way, I'm not surprised that they're trying to push back on it.

TODD: Clarence, you've been covering politics a long time. Republicans politicizing foreign policy and being good on this: it happens a lot.  And it's always amazing to me: when Democrats try and do it, they usually are awkward at it, they're just not as comfortable doing it.  But Republicans seem to be over- . . . are they overreacting to what the president is doing here?

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