After Jarrett Rips Republicans From Pulpit, Scarborough Slams MSM Double Standard

On Sunday, top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett used the pulpit of Martin Luther King Jr.'s old church in Atlanta to launch a partisan political attack, calling out Republicans for refusing to support another Obama spending scheme.

Jarrett appeared on today's Morning Joe.  Mika Brzezinski broached the subject of Jarrett's in-church remarks.  But instead of questioning the propriety of using the pulpit for such partisan purposes, Brzezinski simply offered Jarrett an opportunity to repeat her attack on Republicans. But Joe Scarborough then pointed out the huge MSM double standard—observing how the New York Times and Washington Post would have been whining about the "sacred wall" between church and state had a Republican gone into an evangelical church to criticize Dems.  Video after the jump.

I'll be back with a transcript, but in the meantime, watch Scarborough make an undeniable point about the liberal media's double standard on the matter.

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