Chris Christie Calls Out Mika: 'You're Diving Deeply Into The Obama Tank'

Welcoming Chris Christie onto the set of Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough warned Mika Brzezinski that the New Jersey governor "has come to straighten you out."

Christie was good to Scarborough's word, bluntly telling Mika, among other things, that "you're diving deeply into the Obama tank."  Video after the jump.

2011-12-20MSNBCMJChristieMika.JPGWatch Christie mash Mika on her lack of objectivity.


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And joining the table, Republican governor from New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He has come to straighten you out.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh, I don't think so.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The time has come.

SCARBOROUGH:  Thank God.  I have been here alone. I have been surrounded. I've been surrounded.  Thank you for your texts. You're right: everybody but Mr. Soros.

CHRISTIE: Everybody but Soros come to analyze the Republican field.

SCARBOROUGH: I mean, I'm alone!

CHRISTIE: I mean, you're veering.


CHRISTIE: Here's what's happening. You're veering. You used to be a voice of reason.  You played it both ways.  Now, you're diving deeply into the Obama tank.


CHRISTIE: Yeah, you are, you just are.

BRZEZINSKI: I'm diving just now.

CHRISTIE: Because you know I love Mika.

SCARBOROUGH: I know you do.

CHRISTIE: I do. But it's just--diving deep in the tank. All we're looking for from you, we're not looking for you to come all the way to the dark side.  All we're looking for is just a little bit--get to the middle of the road.

SCARBOROUGH: Just a little fairness.

CHRISTIE: On the boulevard, Mika. You're veering off onto the shoulder.

SCARBOROUGH: You've got a really good point.

CHRISTIE: That's all.  I'm saying, you're just veering off!


CHRISTIE: You are. I watch every morning.

BRZEZINSKI: Are we talking about the payroll tax-cut debate? What are we talking about specifically here?

CHRISTIE: Do I have an hour today, so we can go through this?

BRZEZINSKI: Because I want to talk to you about Mitt Romney, and we're going to get there. Because I've got some good questions for you.

CHRISTIE: I'm ready.

BRZEZINSKI: But go ahead, what's your criticism exactly?

CHRISTIE: I just --

SCARBOROUGH: Wait, before you--you watch every day, right?

CHRISTIE: I do. I watch every day.

SCARBOROUGH: So you, you, it seems to me, have a legitimate beef against Mika.  Let's hear it.  This is an intervention. Come on. Let's let it out.

CHRISTIE: I'm just looking to give you--from a friend--an objective perspective.  So like, here's one criticism: you know, your definition, recently, of compromise is: everybody agrees with what the president wants, so we can compromise.


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