Condemning Cain, Schultz Suffers Bad Case Of Bimbo-Eruptions Amnesia

December 2nd, 2011 10:46 PM

Sad to see Ed Schultz suffer such sudden memory loss on live national TV.  On his MSNBC show this evening, discussing Herman Cain's handling of the various allegations against him, Schultz: found it odd that Cain's wife had come to his defense; said he'd never "seen anything like this in American politics;" and claimed that by criticizing his accusers, Cain had hit "a new low in American politics."

Do any of the following sound an echo with Ed?:

  • Hillary going on 60 Minutes to stand by Bill as he lied through his teeth about Gennifer Flowers?
  • The Clinton campaign organizing an entire "bimbo eruptions" operation to suppress and attack women?
  • James Carville slurring Paula Jones, saying you'll never know what you'll find "when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park."  Video after the jump.

Watch Schultz's selective memory at work.

ED SCHULTZ: Keep in mind the candidate [Cain] has already admitted his wife did not know about his so-called friendship with Ginger White. So you have to wonder why his campaign launched a new website today called "Women For Herman Cain." His wife Gloria, oddly enough, is the chairwoman of the website

. . .

Have we seen anything like this in American politics?  Mr. Cain, I'll tell you: you're great for cable, and people are paying attention to it, but you're terrible for the political process in this country. You've embarrassed a lot of people.

Goldie [Taylor, of the Grio, MSNBC's African-American oriented web site], what do you make of this web site that has been put up by the Cain campaign, that is encouraging women supporters to come out and go after and basically trash the accusers?  I have never seen anything like this in American politics.  This is a new low in my opinion.  What are your thoughts on it?

GOLDIE TAYLOR: Well, it is a new low.