60 Minutes: Grover Norquist 'Likes Things Ugly,' Group Has Characteristics of 'Protection Racket'

Serious question: who do you think the liberal media loathes more: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Grover Norquist?  I'm going with 'b.' After all, Mahmoud merely wants to build an atom bomb and wipe Israel off the map, for starters. But Grover Norquist wants to keep taxes from increasing and thereby limit the growth of government.

In a 60 Minutes hit piece tonight, CBS correspondent Steve Kroft claimed Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, "likes things ugly." For good measure, Kroft claimed that Norquist's strategy has some of the characteristics of a "protection racket." Video after the jump.

2011-11-20CBSSMKroft.JPGWatch the wrath of the MSM descend on someone who would stand in the way of the liberal goal of ever-increasing government.

STEVE KROFT: Grover Norquist is not interested in compromise. He likes things ugly . . . If nothing else, it is a brilliant, bare-knuckled political strategy with some of the characteristics of a protection racket.

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