Mika: I Don't 'Get' Why Republicans Don't Dig Huntsman

If the liberal media were allowed to select the Republican presidential nominee, there's little doubt who he'd be: come on up, Jon Huntsman!

On today's Morning Joe, Mark Halperin claimed Huntsman "has as good a chance as any of the other candidates to test Mitt Romney" in New Hampshire.  Mika Brzezinski took the Huntsman-love a large step farther, flatly proclaiming that Huntsman "has all the goods."  Vexed by Huntsman's nearly-invisible primary polling numbers, Mika admitted: "I don't get your party."  Video after the jump.

Watch the liberal media love-in for the former Utah governor.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Jon Huntsman was on Meet The Press yesterday; still struggling but still believing he can make a run for it in New Hampshire.  How did he do?

MARK HALPERIN: Very tough on Romney, and again, I think people who, people have to recognize--as we've said all along--there's going to be a Romney alternative: there's a vacuum there, and Huntsman in New Hampshire has as good a chance I think as any of the other candidates to test Mitt Romney.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: He's got the goods. Of all the candidates, he's got the goods. They have these clowns in the field; Mitt Romney can't close the deal, and Jon Huntsman has all the goods. And, I don't get your party. I just don't get 'em. I don't get 'em.

SCARBOROUGH: The guy has a haircut like Meacham, too. Jon Huntsman!

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