Politico's Allen: 'Very Ruthless' Romney Campaign 'Roped In' Christie

Mike Allen of Politico has provided a text-book illustration of how the liberal media can spin a positive into a negative for a Republican.  Instead of focusing on the political pluses of Chris Christie's endorsement of Mitt Romney, Allen has twisted the event into a negative that reveals the "very ruthless" efficiency of the Romney campaign.  Moreover, if there's a politician around today who thinks for himself, it's Christie.  Yet Allen alleges that rather than making a reasoned decision, Christie was "roped" into endorsing Romney.

Allen made his sour-grape remarks on today's Morning Joe.  Video after the jump.

WILLIE GEIST: Mike, what does the endorsement mean for the Romney campaign?

MIKE ALLEN: Well, we see two things here.  One, we see the very ruthless efficiency of the Romney campaign. They moved right in, this weekend, right after Chris Christie got out of the race, Governor Romney, Mrs. Romney flew down to New Jersey, they made the case.  And roped him in long before other people thought he would.

Not one word from Allen as to how the Christie endorsement might help Romney with voters or donors—just negative spin on the process.  Other panelists jumped in before Allen could clearly state the second "thing" to which he alluded, but he did make reference to Christie acting as an "attack dog," and suggested he might have been auditioning for the VP slot on Romney's ticket.

So there you have Mike Allen's view of a possible Republican ticket: Very Ruthless & Attack Dog 2012!

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