Crazy Larry: Perry Is GOP's 'Favorite Killer, Favorite State-Sanctioned Killer'

It's going to be a long campaign . . . Republicans haven't come close to choosing their presidential candidate yet, but already a proud member of the MSM is calling a leading GOP contender a "killer."

On his MSNBC show this evening, Crazy Larry O'Donnell accused Rick Perry of being--for his record of enforcing the Texas law on capital punishment--the Republicans' "favorite killer, favorite state-sanctioned killer."  Video after the jump.

Watch Larry leap off the deep end.


LARRY O'DONNELL: Only in the Twilight Zone of this Republican presidential politics, 2011-style, could we see a man [Rick Perry] be cheered for proudly presiding over the execution of 234 people and then see that same man booed by the same crowd, booed because that champion of death by execution called his worshippers heartless [for opposing his support of giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens]. Campaigns for presidential nominations are sometimes called fights for the soul of the Republican party, fights for the soul of the Democratic party. No one has used that phrase this time around for two reasons.  First, because no candidate fits perfectly into the current shape of Republican orthodoxy. And secondly, the Republican party of the 21st century, if we are to judge by the debate audiences, has obviously lost its soul . . . This Twilight Zone: how can this happen?  Here's their favorite killer, state-sanctioned killer up there. They boo him after he calls them heartless.

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