Buchanan: Bush Broke United States As A Superpower

Pat Buchanan regularly serves as Morning Joe's lone conservative in the show's self-described 10:1 ratio sea of lib to conservative guests.  But Buchanan this morning demonstrated that he is anything but a Republican partisan.  

Sounding more like Barney Frank after a bad night's sleep, Buchanan blasted President George W. Bush, claiming 43 "broke the Republican party and frankly he broke the United States as a superpower."  View the video after the jump.

I'll be back with a transcript, but in the meantime watch lefty professor Jeffrey Sachs gleefully agree with Buchanan's Bush-bashing.


PAT BUCHANAN: The great blunder was made by George W. Bush when he had the whole country and the world behind him, and he went up to Congress and declared now we're going after an Axis of Evil: Iraq, Iran and North Korea, and we're plunging into that part of the world instead of fighting al Qaeda and handling it the way he should have. And as a consequence of that I think he broke the Republican party, and frankly he broke the United States as a superpower.  We are a diminishing superpower today and there's no doubt China is a rising one because of the last decade


MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Wow.  Thank you, Pat!

SCARBOROUGH: I got to say, though. I got to say, though, in George W. Bush's defense.

JEFFRY SACHS: Hey, Pat: that's exactly right!



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