Andrea Mitchell: 'Everyone Is Feeling A Lack Of Hope'

If Barack Obama has lost Andrea Mitchell, has he lost the MSM?

Surveying the economy on her MSNBC show his afternoon, Mitchell gloomily observed: "it just seems as though everyone is feeling a lack of hope."

The White House needn't fear too much.  Mitchell might have wandered somewhat off script. But Andrea has surely not abandoned the ranks of the Obama-loving media.  She fretted that because of Washington gridlock, the super committee might--horrors!--wind up cutting spending.

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ANDREA MITCHELL: You can talk about pivoting to a jobs agenda. But what can we do if there is going to be such gridlock and if this new committee for instance that's going to be appointed is going to deadlock and then we'll have the triggers at the very worst time to be cutting deeply in both discretionary spending and defense spending.  So it just seems as though everyone is feeling a lack of hope.

Andrea might be right about the current hope shortage.  But in 2012 . . . change could be coming.


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