Sharpton: Obama Sounds More Like Reagan Than Tea Partiers

If MSNBC's goal is to give air time to the least-attached to reality of the left, then perhaps the network's doing the right thing by reportedly dallying with replacing Cenk Uygur with Al Sharpton.

For in the 6 o'clock time slot this evening the Reverend Al actually asserted that Barack Obama sounds more like Ronald Reagan than Tea Party freshmen members of Congress.  I kid you not.

Video after the jump.

Watch the video and imagine The Gipper reacting to the Reverend!

Sharpton's guest was Tea Party freshman Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. It should be noted that Brooks kept his cool and remained the principled-but-stately Southern gentleman throughout his contentious segment with Sharpton.  Al played a clip of Pres. Reagan criticizing Congress for bringing the country to the edge of default before increasing the debt limit.

AL SHARPTON: In the name of Ronald Reagan, I hope you go back and do the right thing tonight, Congressman Brooks.

MO BROOKS: If we had had a Ronald Reagan-type president in the White House right now, we would not be facing these circumstances.

SHARPTON: I think this president in the White House right now sounds a like more like Ronald Reagan than you guys do.

BROOKS: I respectfully disagree.

SHARPTON: Thank you Congressman Brooks, and I respectfully submit to you Ronald Reagan's quote is a lot more in line with this president than what you're saying tonight and what your colleagues in the Tea Party--I'm just praying for you.

BROOKS: Ronald Reagan I suspect would differ.

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