Chris Matthews: Newt 'Is Evil, Looks Like The Devil'

Talk about demonizing your political opponents, Chris Matthews has literally done it  to Newt Gingrich. . .

On his MSNBC show this evening, Matthews said that Gingrich "looks like the devil," reminds him of the warlock in Rosemary's Baby, and "is evil."

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CHRIS MATTHEWS: I don't know what his constituency is, I don't know what led him to believe he was a candidate except he's good on television, he does make provocative comments now and then. But people don't like him, and he looks like the devil. I mean, that may not be fair but I always say on this program  that he can't be the devil because he looks like him, and everybody knows the devil is going to look like Marilyn Monroe . . .

By the way, he is Steven Castevets  [sic, actually Roman Castevet] in Rosemary's Baby.  He is the warlock who lives upstairs at The Dakota. I'm sorry, that's who he is. And you're right, he does have a lot to say, just like Steven Castevets.  I know: name a place, I've been there.  He's got all that worldly information. But he is evil.  Your thoughts, though.

That was too much even for Wayne Slater of the Dallas News.

WAYNE SLATER: I'm not going to say that he's evil!

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