Mika On The Brink Of A Domino's Breakdown

March 14th, 2011 8:58 AM

Is a pizza about to push Mika Brzezinski over the edge?  Seriously.  Her frantic reaction to finding her daughter and friend sharing a Domino's has me worried about Mika's state of mind.

Regular Morning Joe viewers know that Mika's dream job would be as Kommissar of the Food Police.  Her concern about obesity, particularly of the childhood variety, is commendable.  But her solutions--heavy-handed government intervention of the sort Mayor Bloomberg has made infamous--would flout individual liberties.

Things came to a deep-fried denouement this morning, as a quasi-hysterical Brzezinski described her horror at discovering girls . . . eating pizza.

View video after the jump.

It was Morning Joe guest Charles Blow's New York Times column on the subject of childhood obesity and the role of the government that set Mika off.

Watch . . . and worry about Mika's frame of mind.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I will tell you, Saturday night, my daughter and her friend ordered Domino's online.  Do you know the horrific --
JOE SCARBOROUGH: Oh just stop.
BRZEZINSKI: -- mound of crap that they had for dinner?  It was pizza, these fried chicken balls, cinnamon sticks
ED RENDELL: Mozzarella sticks.
BRZEZINSKI: That's what that was? [Inaudible] fat. And then chocolate something with something that oozes out when you cut it open: lava cake.
I walked in the room and looked at this display of sickness on the table. I was horrified! Horrified.  This is how people eat.
Funny Coincidence:  At 'Right Angle,' the conservative political TV talk show I hosted in Ithaca for 12 years before recently moving to Texas. we were sponsored by--you guessed it--Domino's!