Chuck Todd: Lot Of 'Clinton Kool-Aid Drinkers' In The Media

Some refreshing frankness from Chuck Todd today.  Commenting on the MSM hoopla about Bill Clinton's recent White House press room solo, NBC's political director and chief White House correspondent acknowledged that there are "a lot of Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers" in the media.

Chris Matthews, who had played a couple Clinton clips and gushed over his brilliance, protested that Todd was getting "so hard."

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Enjoy watching Todd spill the MSM's beans.

CHUCK TODD: It's sort of weird: everybody made a huge deal out of Bill Clinton supporting the president's [tax] deal. I think it would have been bigger news had he not.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Yeah, but he could not have shown up.

TODD: He didn't have anybody from the left of the [party endorsing the deal]. It wasn't as if President Clinton--I don't know, this does feel like one of those moments: I think we're enamored with it in the media.  I think there's always been people, there's a lot of Clinton Kool-Aid drinkers in this respect.

MATTHEWS: You are getting so hard and so sophisticated!

TODD: This obsession with the shiny metal object that has the Clinton name on it.

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