Schultz's Class-Warfare 'Lean Forward': Why Are We Letting Top 2% Win Over Other 98?

In August, Ed Schultz reportedly erupted in the MSNBC newsroom over being excluded from the network's election night promos.  According to the NY Post, network honchos threatened to fire Schultz if he pulled a similar stunt again.

Could there be some kiss-and-make-up going on at 30 Rock?  Of all the MSNBC personages, the network apparently selected Schultz first to have his own spot in the "Lean Forward" series of network promos.  It aired this afternoon during Chris Matthews "Hardball" . . .  and the theme was pure class warfare.

Scolded Schultz: "Why are we letting the top 2% of the population win over the other 98?" View video after jump.

In Schultz's mind, there is a war out there.  The top 2% can only "win" by defeating the others.  The pie is only so big.  The fat cats can only get rich by impoverishing their fellow citizens. 

In fairness, Ed might be on to something.  During the promo, he also asks "why can't America find solutions to its problems?" And there's little doubt that if the redistributionist "solutions" Schultz has in mind were ever adopted, the pie would indeed shrink, and government would determine all winners and losers.  

Consider the chilling "all your money is belong to us" implications of Schultz's use of "letting" . . .

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