Crazy Larry Tongue-Lashes Trumka

Perhaps it was just a publicity stunt for his impending MSNBC show, but Lawrence O'Donnell went Crazy Larry on Morning Joe today. The lefty host of The Last Word unleashed on an unlikely target: AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka.  

What ignited Larry's tirade was Trumka's professed concern for the contract-negotiations plight of professional football players. O'Donnell was outraged that the union honcho was spending his time on the millionaires of the NFL rather than workers such as miners who merit more concern.  Sample lines: "Exactly how many minutes of your day do you spend worrying about $15-million football players? Is this the biggest waste of your attention that could possibly come your way? Is it embarrassing for you to have to talk about these guys?"

Sit back and enjoy Larry going off.

Trying to comfort Trumka, Joe Scarborough assured him that he shouldn't feel singled out: "[O'Donnell] does this to everybody. I introduced him to my mom on the streets of New York.  Fifteen minutes later she was breaking down in tears."

Aside: as a card-carrying member of Local 101 of the Pajamahadeen Bloggers Union, for whom every day is Dress Down Friday, I'm in no position to criticize another media man's sartorial standards.  But unless Larry is working undercover for a special on street people, you have to wonder about his unkempt, unshaven look today.

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