Of All People: Schultz Slams Chris Christie With Fat Jokes

August 10th, 2010 9:11 PM

What's next: Bill Clinton cutting an ad vexing David Vitter on the issue of fidelity?

Of all people, Ed Schultz spent an entire segment this evening going after Chris Christie . . . about his girth.

I counted no fewer than seven separate barbs that Schultz directed Christie's way over his weight.  He began with a photo of the NJ Governor with the graphic "Battle of the Bulge."  It got heavier from there.

  • "This morning, Beckster [Glenn Beck] had some sizeable praise for the job-cutting governor."
  • "On his radio program, Laura Ingraham backed him up with this hefty endorsement."
  • "Christie's couch-potato lifestyle."
  • "Chris Christie is a guy who makes the middle-class, the poor and schoolkids pay for his fat-cat buddies to keep their living high on the hog lifestyle."
  • "To say he'd be a good president? That would be some pretty hefty Psycho Talk."

Schultz seems to have a penchant for throwing stones from deep within a glass house.  As I reported here yesterday, after Ed mocked Karl Rove for a brief stumble in giving the call-in number while guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh, Schultz proceeded to butcher the pronunciation of a guest's name.  Tonight, the significantly un-svelte Schultz taunts Chris Christie over his weight.  Why would Ed want to highlight his own hypocrisy? 

When Christie's opponent in the NJ gubernatorial race, then-incumbent governor Jon Corzine, ran an ad taunting Christie over his avoirdupois, it famously blew up in his face.  Is Ed sure he wants to go down the same losing road?