Schultz Says Breitbart 'Nutjob, Makes Me Sick' But Whines Won't Come On Show

Hey, it's been a long day with all this Sherrod stuff.  So let's kick back and enjoy some—unintentional—humor, courtesy Ed Schultz.  On his MSNBC show this evening, Ed advised Dems not to go on Fox News because they'll "beat you up."  Schultz then unleashed a torrent of venom on Andrew Breitbart, saying among—many—other things that Breitbart is a "nutjob" who "makes me sick."

But Schultz began the show by whining because—ready?—Breitbart wouldn't come on Ed's show.

Sit back and enjoy the video as Ed twists himself into a logical pretzel.

ED SCHULTZ: I want to know why any Democrat in the Congress, any Democrat in the Senate, any Democrat anywhere: why do you even go on those shows over there [at Fox News].  They won't tell the truth. They beat you up. What do you gain? . . . Andrew Breitbart, right-wing nut job. Well this guy makes me sick.  He's an absolute pro at hatchet jobs.

But here's Ed during the show-opener . . .

SCHULTZ: This Breitbart is a master at trying to destroy people professionally.  He's a right=winger, he has an agenda, no doubt about it.  I saw him today in the hallway today at MSNBC, asked him to be on this program tonight.  He's too tired. And he doesn't know about tomorrow. This is how hate merchants operate. 


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