Schultz Warns America: Pay More Welfare Or Become 'Third-World Country'

The time-temp clock down at the bus station here read 104 degrees this afternoon. We can't offer readers cooler weather, but perhaps they'll settle for some comic relief . . .

On his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz warned that unless the US pays out more in welfare, we risk becoming a "Third-World country."  Schultz said it twice, so apparently it wasn't a bizarre one-time brain camp.

Ed's on a crusade to have unemployment insurance payments extended.  N.B.: unemployment "insurance."  So once payments are extended beyond what's provided for, it's no longer insurance: it's welfare. But that didn't stop Schultz from suggesting that paying more welfare is all that stands between America becoming the next Zimbabwe . . .
ED SCHULTZ: It's unconscionable what we are putting these Americans through.  And I will tell you this: this is how Third World countries get started.
A bit later, Schultz floated his cockamamie theory to a "union political consultant," who was only too happy to agree.
SCHULTZ: This is going down the road of a Third World country. This is the issue: what we're going to do with the unemployed? Tell me if I'm wrong.

CHUCK ROCHA: You're exactly right, Ed.
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