Scarborough on Rand Paul: 'What The Hell Was He Doing On MSNBC?'

Joe Scarborough might not have won any brownie points with his employer, but he gets credit for candor . . .

Commenting on the Rand Paul matter, Scarborough passed along the comments of an unidentified conservative insider who asked "what the hell was he [Paul] doing on MSNBC?" That of course was a reference to Paul's appearance on the Rachel Maddow show in which he made comments on the 1964 Civil Rights Act that have caused controversy.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will not mention any names, but I'll just say one of the top conservative leaders in Washington, DC, not elected, but a real opinion-shaper, had two questions.  First of all, how could he have been so stupid to have walked into this type of controversy?  And secondly, this is part of a news story so I'm going to say it, what the hell was he doing on MSNBC?  This isn't an anti-MSNBC situation but you don't find a whole lot of very liberal Democrats going on Fox News election night or the night after to do their victory lap. They're wondering whether he's ready for prime time. 
Scarborough finished on an optimistic note.
SCARBOROUGH: I've got to say, though, personally, if we're just looking at political crisis management, Rand Paul did what was required and I predict Rand Paul's going to win Kentucky.
Oh to be an olive when Joe and Rachel sip martinis together at the MSNBC TGIF.
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