Gayle King On Good-for-GOP Poll: 'Don't Read It, Mika!'

Was Gayle King kvetching about polls when candidate, then President, Obama and the Dems were riding high?  Doubt it.  But now that tide has turned, King pooh-poohs polls, and even asked Mika Brzezinski not to read one on the air.  But never fear, "every time he speaks I get inspired all over again" proclaimed the editor of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine.

King's hear-no-evil moment went down on today's Morning Joe, as Mika was about to read a poll showing a preference for Republicans in the generic congressional ballot.
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Is it [ObamaCare] a lemon, Gayle?

GAYLE KING: Well why don't we give everybody a chance to find out?  I love how we're taking the polls already and saying it's not working, it's not working.  I love how he [Pres. Obama] pointed out it's only been a week, people; it's only been a week.  I think everybody just needs to take it down a notch and let it play itself out.  I believe that he has surrounded himself with the smartest people; I think he's a very smart man. He didn't go into this recklessly and I think he's made some good decisions. Let's give him a chance to work!

BRZEZINSKI: All right, and we look at the atmosphere --

KING: It's scary; it's scary.

BRZEZINSKI: With a poll . . .

KING: I'm sick of polls, Mika.


KING: We keep taking a daily poll, and that's supposed to be a barometer of how people are thinking? How can you even, how can anybody even say that?  It's only been two days.

BRZEZINSKI: It's been two days, and guess what, Gayle?  A new Gallup poll says Republicans gaining an edge --

KING: Don't read it, Mika!

BRZEZINSKI: Republicans gaining an edge in the upcoming mid-term elections, with registered voters preferring a Republican candidate to a Democrat by 47 to 44 percent.
. . . .
KING: I know that every time he speaks, I get inspired all over again.  I really do, because when he speaks he makes a lot of sense to a lot of people.

JOHN HEILEMAN: She's a fan girl.
King protested that she's a "supporter," not a fan.  What-evuh.  Meanwhile, who's going to get O out if Gayle spends the next seven months with fingers in ears saying "I can't hear you"?
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