Mass. Anxiety Attack

How panicked are top Dems at the prospect that Republican Scott Brown will do the unthinkable and win the special election for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts? Enough that Harry Reid, despite his desperate fight to save his own skin in Nevada, has returned to DC to do what he can to help the hapless Dem candidate, the charisma-deprived Martha Coakley, hang on.  

Enough that NBC political director Chuck Todd describes top Dems as having a "huge concern" over the Mass. race.

Todd gave his dismal-for-Dems assessment on this evening's Ed Show . . .

ED SCHULTZ: I want your take over the report tonight that Harry Reid is coming off the campaign trail, cutting his visit to Nevada short, and coming back to Washington to meet at the White House.  What do you make of that?

CHUCK TODD: . . . You have the situation in Massachusetts, which frankly is becoming of a huge concern to a lot of top Senate Democrats and a lot of Washington Democrats.

Couple Todd's take with Daniel Foster's declaration at National Review Online that "Democrats have flipped the panic switch in Massachusetts," and this is beginning to look like an emerging major story. Will tomorrow's morning news shows pick up on the possible upset? 

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