Shuster: Baucus Sober, Drudge 'Repulsive'

Wow: David Shuster really lets it all hang out on Twitter . . .

In current tweets, the MSNBCer accuses Karl Rove of "hypocrisy," calls conservatives "wingnuts," claims Baucus wasn't wasted, and denounces Drudge as "repulsive" for supposedly suggesting otherwise.

Excerpts from Shuster's current Twitter feed [screencap after the jump]:

  • Thank you Wingnuts! By mentioning my tweets, you are bringing more attention to @karlrove hypocrisy
  • Wingnuts, just because you want to believe something is true does not make it so. Obama wasn't born in Kenya. Baucus wasn't inebriated.
  • Baucus speech was at 430pm in the afternoon. He was incensed at Wicker. He was emotional. To smear him, as drudge does, is repulsive.
  • Re Baucus emotional floor speech last week: He always speaks in a halting fashion. The wingnut claims are lies and disgusting smears.

And as for David's countless fans among NB readers, worried he might disappear from the MSNBC airwaves: never fear . . .  Shuster assures us that when MSNBC's 2010 line-up is announced "I'll be fine." Whew!

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