Politico's Politicized Pic Picks

In deciding which Sunday talk shows to focus on, I typically tap into Politico's Sunday talk show tip sheet, which provides a helpful round-up of the Sunday line-up.

Scrolling there today, I came upon the photo you see here.  Of all the innumerable images of the three men, these are the pictures Politico chose to announce the appearance of Joe Lieberman, Rush Limbaugh and David Plouffe on Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press, respectively.

You don't suppose Politico's pic picks might reflect its biases, do you? Let's break it down . . .

Let's first rank the three men from most conservative to most liberal.  Easy: Rush, Lieberman, Plouffe.  Now let's rank the three photos from least flattering to most flattering.  Does anyone doubt that the order would again be Rush, Lieberman, Plouffe? 

Pure Politico coincidence, no doubt.

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