Shuster Psyched Shoe-Thrower Soon To Walk

The Iraqi who threw his shoes at Pres. Bush will be getting out of jail after serving only nine months of what was originally a three-year sentence . . . and David Shuster is pysched.

Reporting on the news at the end of MSNBC's 4 PM hour today, Shuster exclaimed: "Good for him!"

Co-host Tamron Hall wasn't so sure, making the indisputable point that Shuster wouldn't be so happy if the guy who walked early had hurled his Hush Puppies at Pres. Obama.

DAVID SHUSTER: The Iraqi journalist--remember him?--who became internationally famous for throwing his shoes at Pres. George W. Bush is going to be released from prison on September 14th.  The 30-year old reporter was sentenced to three years for assaulting a foreign leader but an Iraqi court reduced that to one year. As it turns out the journalist will wind up serving only nine months because of good behavior.  Good for him!

TAMRON HALL: Hmm, I don't know, David, cause if Pres. Obama were somewhere and people threw a chair—or a shoe, rather—I think people would be more outraged. I think it was the time, the approval of that president. I don't know.

SHUSTER: I don't know. As long as they treat everyone fairly when it comes to shoe-throwing offenses, then that's all we care about.

So if someone at a town hall threw a shoe at Pres. Obama, Shuster would be applauding his early release?  Sure. Right.

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