Does This Pantsuit Make Me Look Fat?

August 13th, 2009 7:59 AM

Q. How can you tell that Hillary is blowing her African tour?
A. When even supporters like Tina Brown says she needs to get back home ASAP . . . and hit the gym.
The Daily Beast head made her candid comments on today's Morning Joe.  Mika Brzezinski made a spirited defense of Hillary, claiming her latest gaffe—putting Florida 2000 in the same boat as Nigeria's notoriously rigged elections—was no big deal.  But Scarborough, Buchanan and Barnicle all said it was past time for Hillary to return. And Brown put in the unkindest cut of all . . .
JOE SCARBOROUGH: Tina Brown, what's wrong with my former, ex-girlfriend Hillary Clinton?

TINA BROWN: What's wrong with Hillary is one week too long on this African hellish tour that she's on.  Think of it from the human point of view: she is in her second week.  She's hot.  She is feeling fat. She had this horrible business where she suddenly lost it a bit over the whole Bill thing. Frankly, I want to get her home now.  I want to get her home. Otherwise, by the time she hits Liberia, she's going to be saying: "what can I tell you?  We had an idiot for the president!" She's letting it hang out.
A bit later, Brown returned to her notion that Hillary had encountered a . . . weighty problem.
SCARBOROUGH: Take the microphone away, get her on a -- maybe Bill ought to leave Vegas --

BROWN: I agree with that. She ought to get back to the gym!

BRZEZINSKI: Did she just say that? Tina?

SCARBOROUGH: I didn't say that. I'm suggesting that Bill Clinton get on a plane, on another mission of mercy, fly to Africa, get his wife, bring her home now!

Can you imagine the cries of feminist outrage if a conservative commentator, particularly one of the male persuasion, had made a similar suggestion?