When Are Gay Rights Groups 'Far-Left'? When They Criticize Obama

During the Bush administration, do you recall the MSM ever describing a gay rights group such as the Human Rights Campaign as "far-left"?  Neither do I. To the contrary, such organizations were sympathetically portrayed as proponents of mainstream values.

But let such groups criticize Pres. Obama and—what do you know?—the MSM suddenly decides they're "far-left."  That's Joe Solomnese, head of the Human Rights Campaign, in the screencap, branded as far-left by the Early Show this morning.

Solmonese appeared as part of a segment this morning on the way that gay rights groups in general are disappointed with Pres. Obama for not doing more on behalf of their agenda.  Isn't that convenient?  By  positioning them as "far-left,"  CBS places PBO in the middle, the victim of their attacks.  Double-standard, anyone?

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