Suddenly Puritanical Shuster: Bristol & Levi 'Unwed Parents'

He stopped short of demanding they be branded with a scarlet 'U.'  But the suddenly puritanical David Shuster insists that the proper term for Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston is "unwed parents."

Shuster rendered his verdict on this evening's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the MSNBC show he's been hosting since David Gregory parted for Meet The Press. Shuster teased the issue at the top of the program, then devoted a segment to it later on.

View video here.

Shuster also took aim at Levi for leaving his job as an apprentice electrician when a flap arose of his lack of a high school diploma. Note the tabloid-worthy chyron: "Levi Johnston Quits His Job Days After Bristol Palin Gives Birth!"  Nice touch, that exclamation point.

Now, it is of course true that Bristol and Levi are parents and unwed.  But when's the last time you heard an MSM type refer to an "unwed mother" or "unwed parents"?  As we all know, the approved PC terms are "single mother" and simply "parents" or "partners."  

So what's caused Shuster suddenly to become strait-laced?  You don't suppose it could possibly stem from a desire to embarrass Bristol's mother, do you?

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