If It Works For Chris . . . Carlson 'Announces' Senate Run

Always irreverent, Tucker Carlson seems freer than ever to aim a few jabs at his network and the people that work there.  On today's Morning Joe, Tucker landed a one-two punch. With all the talk focusing on Detroit, Carlson let the cat out of the bag that NBC is implementing layoffs of its own.  Tucker played off that news, tweaking Chris Matthews along the way, by announcing that he too was planning a Senate run, one in which a bailout of the news networks would be the centerpiece.

Tucker, an unreconstructed libertarian, spoke in opposition to the Detroit bailout.  After observing that capitalism without failure is like religion without sin, he made his tongue-in-cheek announcement.

TUCKER CARLSON: Can I just suggest one thing?  The news networks, including this one, are laying off all kind of people, because --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI [sighing]: Yeah.

CARLSON: you know, they're under financial pressure.  Where is the bailout for us?  I mean, I'm going to make this the centerpiece of my Senate campaign.  There are industries that aren't just --

BRZEZINSKI [feigning shock]: Is there something you want to tell us?

CARLSON: At a future time.  I'm just toying with it right now.
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