Capehart: Obama Thanked 'His Reporters,' Uh, Supporters

Today's Unintentional Honesty Award goes to Jonathan Capehart.  The Washington Post editorialist, discussing Barack Obama's acceptance speech last night, spoke of the president-elect thanking "his reporters," before catching himself and substituting "supporters."

Joe Scarborough, with an assist from executive producer Chris Licht, called Capehart out on his Freudian slip.  The WaPo man proceeded to pat himself on the back as one of those rare MSM members who had not been in the tank for Obama.  Right.

[Listen to audio here.]

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Jonathan, that speech last night.  Just tell me what went through your mind, listening to those words.

JONATHAN CAPEHART:  Well, you know, I think it was President-elect Obama's first, really his first duty, and that was to say to the entire country, first to his reporters, his supporters, thank you. Thank you for this honor, thank you for this privilege.

Capehart was no doubt hoping his slip would slide.  No such luck.  A bit later . . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way, Chris [seen looking for cover after dropping the dime on Jonathan] asked me in my ear, cause he said "supporters." But he said, did he say "reporters"? He was asking me seriously, did he say "reporters" or "supporters"?

CAPEHART: I started saying that.

SCARBOROUGH: But seriously, Jonathan, over the past 18 months, there's been no difference between reporters and supporters for the most part.

CAPEHART: You know what?  I can show you emails, Joe, that will definitely prove to you that I was not one of those people [inaudible]. I'm not one of those reporters who were in the tank.

Oh, really?  Look here and here for recent examples of Capehart's tankish tendencies.

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