Look Who's Condescending

On this evening's Hardball, Chris Matthews began his teaser for a segment about Sarah Palin's pending press interview and plans to field questions at a town hall by exclaiming "look who's talking" as an image of Palin [see screencap] appeared bearing the same graphic.

"Look who's talking" is of course the title of a 1989 hit movie in which the person doing the talking was . . . an infant.  

View video here.

Could Matthews possibly be any more condescending?  Chris might want to consider that the voice of Mikey, the infant in the movie, was supplied by . . . Bruce Willis. Die hard with a vengeance, anyone?

Note: speaking of condescension, don't miss the sneering way in which Matthews pronounces "Fox" in mentioning Palin's impending interview with Sean Hannity.

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