Mika: So What If 95% of Media Support Obama?

Sure, the elite media might overwhelmingly support Barack Obama.  But so what?  That's apparently Mika Brzezinski's opinion.  Check out the exchange between Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe today at 7:50 AM EDT, triggered by Scarborough's insider take on the MSM's adulation of Obama.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: OK, Willie, come on.  We've got to call these people out.  Because we know people that work in the media, print. I mean seriously, they are, Tucker had it right: they're like ninth-grade girls.
. . . 
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I actually, really reject this love affair notion.



SCARBOROUGH: Because you are absolutely drunk on the Kool-Aid.

View video here.
BRZEZINSKI: No. You know what?  Let me tell you something. Every time there is a question to ask or something to analyze, we've done it. On flip-flopping. On everything.

SCARBOROUGH: Have you seen--I'm not talking about us.

BRZEZINSKI: What's wrong with you?

SCARBOROUGH: We are the great leveling wind. I'm talking about, listen, you know if a poll was taken of everybody you know that works in the media, in Washington, D.C. and Manhattan, Barack Obama would get 95% of the vote.

BRZEZINSKI: OK, What's your point?

WILLIE GEIST: The media loves Barack Obama.

SCARBOROUGH: The media loves Barack Obama.

Don't miss Mika's bemused headshake at the end of the video clip. 

Note: When Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs came on a bit later, he gave the game away as to just how much Mika is seen as part of Team Obama.  After being battered at length by Scarborough over Obama's decision to cancel his planned visit with injured U.S. troops in Germany, Gibbs exclaimed: "Mika, help me out here!"
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