Pelosi's Potshot: Maybe Bill Had 'A Late Night Adult Moment'

Should Hillary make it to the White House, don't look for Bill to be taking an early twirl on the Inauguration Ball dance floor with Nancy Pelosi. Appearing on today's Face the Nation, Madame Speaker made a nasty joke at the former president's expense.

Host Bob Schieffer [who might have experienced some schadenfreude this week with all the talk of Katie Couric being pushed out of the Evening News anchor chair he kept warm for her], asked Pelosi what might have prompted Bill Clinton to resurrect the issue of Hillary's tussle with the Tuzla truth. He had famously chalked it up to the tribulations of a tired 60-year old late at night. In answer, Pelosi sardonically suggested Bill might have had a senior moment of his own.

PELOSI: Well maybe it was late at night when he said it and maybe he should be forgiven. What did he say? Age and time of night? Well maybe the same applies to him as he used for an excuse for Senator Clinton. Senator Clinton and Barack Obama: we have two great candidates. One of them will be President of the United States. The other will emerge as a great leader and respected leader in our country. It's fun to talk politics. We all know that. But we have serious work to do to take the country in a new direction. I can't for the life of me figure out why the president would have said it except he may have been having a late night adult moment. But let's leave it at that.

Not the kind of late night adult moments that made Bill famous. Tempus fugit.

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