Hillary Raises Race, Religion in Call To Seat FL, MI Delegates

On its face, Hillary's email to supporters that just arrived in my inbox is a call to the highest civic values. In support of her demand to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida, Hillary righteously writes [emphasis added]:

No matter where you were born or how much money you were born into, no matter the color of your skin or where you worship, your vote deserves to count.

But let's consider this a bit more closely. Has anyone previously suggested that the reluctance to seat the delegates from Florida or Michigan has anything whatsoever to do with the race or religion of voters there? Can Hillary allege with a straight face that this is some nefarious plot against voters of a certain hue or denomination? Of course not. We all understand what this is about. Obama doesn't want to seat the delegates because it would help Hillary in the delegate and popular vote count. And the DNC is reluctant to do so because the two states flouted party rules in moving up the dates of their primaries.

Note also Hillary's specific formulation. She could have simply written "your religion" but instead opted for "where you worship."

Hmm. So why would Hillary drag "the color of your skin" into this, and why is she calling on us to consider where certain people worship? Just wondering.

Bogus Balboa Bonus Coverage: Hillary Says I Never "Get" Up

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