Myers: Hillary 'Hasn't Always Succeeded' at Not Being a B----

The worm has certainly turned when Bill Clinton's former press secretary goes on a local TV show, calls Hillary a b---- in so many words . . . and a national news show then chooses to air the footage. It happened on today's Good Morning America in the course of a conversation that co-anchor Robin Roberts conducted with Cokie Roberts and Matt Dowd.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Many are wondering how far she can go in attacking Barack Obama. Even President Clinton's former press secretary Dee Dee Myers made a comment about it being harder for a woman to walk that fine line. This is what she said.

Cut to clip of Myers in a recent appearance on NY1, the NYC cable news channel.

DEE DEE MYERS: I think so many women in positions of authority -- and she's certainly one of them -- have to walk that fine line between being authoratative and being a bitch [worded bleeped during GMA airing]. And she you know, she hasn't always succeeded. I think it's hard for a woman to succeed.

View video here.

Ouch. This from a Myers on a book tour for her Why Women Should Rule the World. Sounds as if Hillary's one woman ruler Dee Dee could do without. Of course no one forced ABC to air the clip. Not hard to imagine that Roberts, who recently gave a famously friendly interview to Obama, might have been behind the decision.

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