Scarborough: Hillary's Wolfson Might Have Feeling 'Running Down His Leg'

As fellow NewsBuster Brad Wilmouth has documented, last night an inspired Chris Matthews declared that in watching Barack Obama speak, "I felt this thrill going up my leg."

Joe Scarborough has offered a graphic variation on the metaphor to depict how the Clinton folks might be feeling this morning. It came at 7:05 AM ET during today's Morning Joe, subsequent to a discussion of Matthews' thrill-up-his-leg line.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: Look at these numbers; the percentages of victories. You're talking about feelings? If I were running Hillary Clinton's campaign right now, if I were Howard Wolfson, I might have a feeling actually running down my leg.

A shocked Willie Geist could be heard exclaiming "oh God!"

A bit later, Mika Brzezinski alluded to Joe's colorful imagery.

SCARBOROUGH: I've gotta believe, this is very bad news.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: It is bad news. Momentum and money will come out of this, and a lot of newspaper coverage. But Joe, you certainly have a way of crystallizing the way people might sense that concern.

Crystallizing -- or liquefying?

Update | 11:10 AM: Joe to Wolfson -- Congrats On Still Having Job!

Wolfson was a phone guest during the show's last half-hour. Scarborough sarcastically greeted Hillary's Communications Director.

SCARBOROUGH: Howard, let me begin by congratulating you. You still have your job this morning -- some of your compatriots do not.

Hat tip to FReeper Ken 5050.

UPDATE 12:20 PM: Buchanan Takes Metaphor Major Step Further

At 8:10 AM ET, Pat Buchanan, part of a panel with Mike Barnicle, Chris Matthews and Mika, took the leg imagery a giant step further at Matthews' expense. The Hardball host did his best to fight back.

PAT BUCHANAN: What you guys say is, all I'm hearing from you Chris is, "there's nothing [the Hillary camp] can do, [s]he's gonna lose, this is a wonderful Obama moment; he's rolling on to victory."
CHRIS MATTHEWS: No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is --

BUCHANAN [still channeling Matthews]: But it's all running down my leg and all this. For heaven's sakes!


MATTHEWS: I don't think that was said. I think, in my case it was coming up the leg. Maybe in your case it was the other way. Maybe your excitement level works differently.

View video here.

As can be seen in the screencaps, Matthews was not quite so amused as Buchanan and Barnicle. Mika was just looking for cover.

Hat tip to reader Meg T.

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