Lanny Davis: MSNBC In Tank For Obama

Don't take NewsBusters's word for it. According to Lanny Davis, with one exception MSNBC has donned flippers and goggles to go entirely in the tank for Barack Obama.

Davis, who made his bones tirelessly defending Bill Clinton during the dark Lewinsky days, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show this evening. Tucker opened the conversation by asking whether Davis sensed Obama's momentum. But Lanny was more interested in getting his point on the record about MSNBC's pro-Obama bias.
LANNY DAVIS: I certainly read the polls that she's ahead in many states, tied in many states, and the national gap is tightening. But these are two great candidates and I'm not surprised. But I did want to start the show by thanking you, Tucker. You're about the only show on MSNBC that consistently allows a Clinton perspective to be expressed.

Now, in fairness, Davis didn't explicitly state that MSNBC was backing Barack. Raise your hand if you think Lanny meant that the network has a pro-GOP bias.

Bueller? Bueller?

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